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Why bother with small amounts of a million dollars here and another million there when you could go the whole hog - your own nation!!

Cyber nations are very simple to make and usually are based on a piece of land that has not been settled by any nation - note, there is no piece of land on this planet that is not part of a nation, even all of Antarctica has been claimed.

So what pieces of land do cyber nations claim as their own?
Antarctica. (Antarctica is claimed by Argentina, Norway, Australia, France, New Zealand, Britain, Chile & Brazil.)
Un-used oil platforms in international waters.  (Wrong, they still belong to the company that made them).
New volcanic islands that appear, even though they are uninhabitable.  (Wrong, new islands are automatically claimed by the Atoll that they are in.)
The latest attempt is to build a ship which only sails on international waters - but, if the ship gets attacks by pirates who defends it?  (Think about it.)

If they can't find a piece of land to claim then they simply make the cyber nation a virtual nation (it only lives on the Internet).

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So why make up your own cyber nation?

I have never heard a legitimate reason for a cyber nation.  So why are they made?  The following is a few reasons -

bulletTo help you avoid taxes.
bulletTo allow you to have 'fake' travel documents (Passports and Visa's).
bulletTo launder money.
All you need to do is buy citizenship (about US$500) - then you need to set up a company (US$3,000) and you're set.
Travel papers cost you around another US$3,500.

Now when the tax man arrives you tell them that your company is registered in another country.

In Australia this is completely Illegal and you will face court for tax evasion.  In the US the IRS prosecutes citizens daily who try to use this system.

If you travel overseas no country will accept these passports and you will be charged for entering the country with fake documents.

Scams include (please note that I don't (and won't) provide links to these websites) -

bulletDominion of Melchizedek
bulletRealm of EnenKio
bulletRepublic of Howland and Baker Islands  (Note that there is a Howland and Baker Islands but there is no Republic)
bulletRotuma (Which is actually part of Fiji) - It was a little island with a small harbour that the Fijian sold to a developer, but when the government found out what was really going on the land was taken back very quickly.

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One more point, for reasons unknown to me, most of these Cyber Nations wish to build a space port.
This is even more ironic when you realise that most of the Cyber Nations don't own any physical land on which to build this space port.

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Interesting links

I've never played this but it is a game where you make your own cyber nation -

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